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Rock Coast Plumbing and Heating, Inc. specializes in all aspects of plumbing and heating. Fully Insured and Experienced with wonderful testimonials from our loyal customers.

We appreciate our customers loyalty and offer 24 hour Emergency Service for our established customers. Frozen Pipes? Clogged Disposal? Poor Water Pressure? No Heat? Can't shut off your water?

Building a new home? Remodeling? Repairing? Looking for affordable energy options?

No matter how large or small or home is...it is still your home. If you own a lovely seaside seasonal escape, or a multi family residence...we can service all of your homes plumbing and heating needs.

Faucets | Toilets | Water Heaters | Drains

Well Pumps | Water Treatment systems

Baseboard Radiators |

Heat Pumps | Old Plumbing Drainage

Domestic Line Replacement | Back flow Preventers

Replace your Current Heating System

New Homes/ Remodels

All Plumbing and Heating Needs


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