Call to establish your loyalty today --

Before your emergency happens!

How do I become an established customer?: Schedule service during regular business hours & pay your bill (unless you have made payment arrangements in advance). Have mutual respect. Please be kind and courteous to your technician.

Rock Coast Plumbing and Heating knows that a plumbing or heating emergency can occur anytime without warning. We do not want our customers to be stuck with a burst pipe at night, or without heat when its freezing. This is why our services are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency plumbing situations are very stressful to deal with. Our main concern is containing the emergency, offering you the best options to remedy the situation. Our goal is to minimize the stress and frustration associated with emergency repairs. Our emergency plumbers and heating technicians are trained to quickly respond to your call.

Our technicians will advise you over the phone of any immediate steps you should take prior to their arrival. If the technician does not feel that the situation is a true emergency, he will advise you of such and schedule the call during regular business hours.

Call to establish yourself as a customer today - before your emergency arises. We reserve "emergency customer service" for our regular customers only. We are not the back up for your plumber that is on vacation or your moonlighting heating technician that is too busy.

In the event of an emergency for our established customers only, call 207-354-0077, and leave a detailed message. Then call the emergency number 207-975-2702, you may need to leave a message here too. We ask you to do this in case we have poor cell phone reception, we can call the office to get the full message. it’s a double check method, that ensures we can get to your emergency quickly. Always leave your name and telephone number at the office first 207-354-0077 .